Thursday, November 17, 2011

NETHERLANDS ~Dutch Dolmes-Drenthe~

Got a very interesting card from my neighbouring country Holland (NL-870313)... Everyone knows Stonehenge in England but I never heard of older and more numerous megalithes in Holland...And they are only 194 km (121 miles) from where I live...

...There are a lot of mysteries abouth them...Why did these simple farmers make such a tremendous effort to drag those heavy boulders to a construction site and pile them up to making a huge stonegrave? And how on earth did they do this..?

With very nice stamps!!

There are more numerous Dolmens in the Netherlands than anywhere else. Of the 53 Dolmens in the Netherlands, 52 of them are located in the province of Drenthe.A Dolmen today is just a remnant of a burial monument. The gigantic rocks were originally out of sight under a mound of sand or earth. Discoveries have revealed that the Dolmen was a communal burial tomb. They would contain the remains of up to a hundred people, making them a virtual cemetery.

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