Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Thanks to Ravindra I got another wonderful card of Sri Lanka! By searching about this place on the internet I found out that it is also an UNESCO site... Soo an extra bonus!!:D

Unfortunately I also read: The fort was so strong that it withstood the 2004 tsunami which left Galle town utterly devastated. Most of the buildings were either completely destroyed or were damaged to a large extent. Those that were completely destroyed are being rebuilt afresh and those which were damaged are being renovated now. These are being done under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs so that the new buildings and the renovations retain the old appearance which was there prior to Tsunami. Hopefully most of it is restored by now...
My Best Wishes to you too Ravindra and thanks a lot!!:D:D
Great and colorful christmas stamps too..

Galle Fort is the largest intact Dutch fort in Asia. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Located facing the Indian Ocean in the town of Galle, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Galle Fort is one of the best preserved examples of 17th century colonial fortifications in the world.

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