Monday, October 18, 2010

MEXICO ~Puebla-Food~

Received two wonderful cards today! From Mexico "Puebla", a delicious looking food card. I don't think there are many Mexican food restaurants here in Belgium, I never tasted it... I don't know any of the dishes the sender mentioned on the card... But I will certainly look for them on the internet... The one drink everyone knows must be tequila! :-)
And a great and big official card from Russia (RU-235962) with a view of St Petersburg... It is probably one of my largest received cards ever,15cm by21cm.

The city of Puebla is a "gastronomic heartland" for central Mexico because of its history straddling the main route between the Gulf Coast and Mexico City; Puebla is famous for its very complex "Baroque" recipes.
Some typical dishes: *Mole Poblano *Cochinita Pibil *Chiles en Nogada *Quesadillas
And drinks: *Agua de Jamaica *Tequila *Tepache *Pulque

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