Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HONG KONG ~Thyphoon Shelter, Cheung Chau~

My first card this week! It is a beautiful colored but so busy looking island in Hong Kong.I like it how the sender described the card:
..."Typical Chinese organised chaos"... And I think that says it all... :-)
With nice matching stamp and the card travelled only 4 days! That's really fast...

A typhoon shelter is a shelter for fishing boats during typhoons. These facilities are often found in Hong Kong.A typhoon shelter, as it name suggests, is used by small to medium ships as a shelter against gale force winds and rough seas during a typhoon strike.

Cheung Chau (meaning "long island" in Cantonese) is one of the most popular of all the outlying islands. Shaped like a dumbbell, it is about a 30-55-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong's Central District.

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