Monday, May 3, 2010


Received a nice card with a lot of beautiful views of Romania, most of them Unesco sites. I especially like the "soft" colors of the pictures...

1. Bram Castle fortress built between 1377-1382.
2.The Danube Delta (UNESCO) form the largest and best preserved of Europe's deltas and flow in the Black Sea. The Danube delta hosts over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes.
3. Rasnov Fortress was built about 800 years ago on a rocky hilltop, The fortress is on the Bran Pass, a trade route connecting Wallachia with Transylvania. It is one of the biggest rural fortresses in the country and somehow unique in that it was meant to be a place of refuge for the commoners from sieges over extended periods of time. As such it had at least 30 houses, a school, a chapel, and other buildings more commonly associated with a village.
4. Biertan is one of the most important Saxon villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, having been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993.
5.The Monastery of Moldoviţa (UNESCO) was built in 1532 by Petru Rareş, who was Stefan the Great's illegitimate son.


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