Monday, April 6, 2009


Just got back from the post office... With a set of 5 new UNESCO sites on stamps, each stamps with the value for internatioanl use (outside Europe).
1. Neolithic Flint Mines
2. Notre-Dame in Tounai
3. Plantin-Moretus House
4. Historic centre of Brugge
5. Major Town Houses Victor Horta.

And a beautiful astronomic sheetlet with the value of one international stamp (inside Europe).
Astronomer Galileo used a telescope to look at the stars for the first time 400 years ago... Because of this 2009 is declared by the VN to "International Year of Astronomy 2009" with as theme " The Universe, yours to discover".

A new birds stamp by André Buzin, the Eurazian Woodcck.
André Buzin (born 1946 in Dinant) is a Belgian artist who paints animals and flowers. He is known on the philatelic scene for the Birds series, a definitive stamp series of Belgium.

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  1. I wanna a Cover with the Astronomie Stamp. Can we do a swap?