Wednesday, June 6, 2018

JAPAN ~ Sukeroku Print ~

... Today we start our journey to Japanツ... with a beautiful print of one of the most popular and famous plays in Kabuki theatre.... "Sukeroku or Flower of Edo"... it takes you deep into the "floating world" of the Yoshiwara pleasure quarters, a world of gorgeous courtesans, young heroes, and dastardly villains... the play is still regularly performed...  with great "International Letter-Writing Week" stamp... an annual series since 1958, with the aim of contributing to the world peace by encouraging cultural exchange amongst people of the world through letter writing... I think this also an important reason for us postcard swappers to continue our hobby and maybe making this world a bit better place through all our friendships!!💖💖... Thanks a lot Gian Luca & Raffaella!!【ツ】

Sukeroku is a play in the Kabuki repertoire, and one of the celebrated Kabuki Jūhachiban ("Eighteen Great Plays"). The play is known in English as The Flower of Edo.

Though the plot of Sukeroku is largely fiction, some sources indicate that the characters, and plot, may have been inspired by reality. There may have been a Kyoto- or Osaka-based merchant named Sukeroku in the 1630s who was associated with a courtesan of the Kyoto Shimabara named Agemaki. Some accounts have it that Agemaki became a nun after her affair with Sukeroku, while others tell of a double suicide.

Print: Sukeroku, No. 16 from the series Eighteen Great Kabuki Plays (Jûhachiban no uchi)
Japanese Edo period 1852.


International Letter Writing Week
(Issued 06-10-2017)

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