Thursday, June 14, 2018

GERMANY ~ City Hall - Münster ~

... Great view of the city's symbol... a fine example of Gothic architecture... the City Hall is especially famous as the place where one of European history’s most important treaties was signed..... European history was written here and a new country, the Netherlands came into existence... also known for its university... and for being the bicycle capital of Germany (statistics say two bikes for each person, meaning close to 600,000 bikes)...  with sweet "Snoopy " stamp and great special postmark "German Catholics Day in Munster"... Thanks a lot Dustin!!【ツ】

Münster is located in western Germany. The city had an influential position in the Hanseatic League in the 13th and 14thC.

The City Hall represents the amazing architectural craftsmanship of the 13th and 14thC. Its 31-meter western facade is the structure's main decoration and is built out of sandstone in the best Gothic-style traditions.

The Peace Hall, located in the old city hall, is famous for the signing of the historic Treaty of Münster, a document which, as a part of the Peace of Westphalia, ended the Thirty Years War and established the Westphalian style of diplomacy between sovereign states. "The Peace of Münster of 1648".

Photo: Norbert Muddemann


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