Friday, June 29, 2018

BELGIUM ~ Verviers ~

... Lovely views of Verviers, also called "the city of Water"...  with an industrial past that links to "soft gold" (wool) and to "blue gold" (water)... situated in a rich rural region with countryside, wooded parks, pedestrian riverbanks, walks and cycle routes... today this daughter of the Vesdre river possesses a modern status of “ville d’eau” (water town) thanks in particular to its new 4 km route “Parcours des Fontaines” (Route of the Fountains)... Thanks Christian!!【ツ】

Verviers is a Walloon town located in the Vesdre Valley in the Belgian province of Liège, halfway between Liège and the German border.

The seats of the two Walloon public institutions for water distribution and water treatment are located in the town.

"Vesdre River - Monument de Victory - Park of Harmony - City Hall."

(Issued 11-06-2018)

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