Tuesday, May 29, 2018

SINGAPORE ~ The Orchard Road District ~

... Great view of the commercial centre of Singapore and one of the most famous shopping avenues in the world... visitors can spend several days here without shopping in the same mall twice...  according to Jobbo the picture is an outdated one (by close of 20 years)... the park at the right has since then replaced by a big mall named "Ion Orchard" ... cost of living in this district is extremely high because of its prime location... Thanks Jobbo!!❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Despite the district's sophisticated buildings and shrines, there are still many remnants from the past that serve as a reminder that this area was, in the 19th century, an orchard teeming with nutmeg and pepper. Just at the southern end of the road is the beautiful Istana that is highlighted with Nibong palms and with the Botanic Gardens on the northern side.

Singapore Orchard Road was named after the many nutmegs plantations, fruit orchards and pepper farms that used to line the street in the 1830’s.


Famous Citizens of Old Singapore
(Issued 28-02-2001)

Tropical Birds
(Issued 27-06-2002)

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