Thursday, May 10, 2018

MALAYSIA ~ National Monument - Kuala Lumpur ~

... Huge size postcard... a beautiful aerial view of the National Monument... one of the historic places in the city... this huge bronze statue depicts the act of Malay heroism and patriotism...  also commemorates Malaysian heroes during World I and II... with nicely maintained water fountain and the monument in between the pond... Big Thanks again Jobbo!!【ツ】(no chance to visit Malaysia for me, will have to do it with postcard views (◕‿-) )
From backside postcard:
The National Monument was constructed in 1966 to commemorate who died in the struggle against communist insurgency in the 1950's. This 15.54m high bronze sculpture depicts seven soldiers engaged in battle, symbolizing the seven qualities of leadership. There are five principal components that comprise the memorial site: from left, the cenotaph; a crescent-shaped pavilion; a long rectangular reflecting pool with fountain; the monument itself; and the ancillary gardens. The monument is situated at the centre of the reflecting pool.


Installation of His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong XIII
(Issued 26-04-2007)

Coronation of H.R.H. Sultan Selangor IX
(Issued 08-03-2003)

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