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MALAYSIA ~ Lenggong Valley Archaeological Sites - Perak - UNESCO ~

... Great postcard of one of the 4 Malaysian UNESCO sites... one of the earliest sites of world civilization which dates back more than 180 million years... the oldest record of a human outside Africa... one of Malaysia's most important archaeological locations...  “the Perak Man”, the oldest and most complete human skeleton was found here, which had been dated back to around 11.000 years old ago...  Lenggong is more an open-air museum, and is home to legends, skeletons, cave drawings and precious finds such as jewellery, pottery, weapons and stone tools... if you have an interest in anthropology, history and culture this is a must-visit place... but according to Bei Hao sadly or luckilyツ it is not a popular tourist spot... Thanks a lot Bei Hao!!【ツ】
Situated in the lush Lenggong Valley, the property includes four archaeological sites in two clusters which lies in the Malay Peninsula.

• Bukit Bunuh and Kota Tampan. (where also the archaeological museum and field station are located)
• The limestone outcrop with the cave Gua Harimau.
• The open-air workshop site at Bukit Jawa.
• The limestone massif Bukit Kepala Gajah containing the caves Gua Gunung Runtuh, Gua Teluk
  Kelawar and Gua Kajang.

The Lenggong Valley was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2012.


The 150th Anniversary of the First Straits Settlements
(Issued 01-09-2017)

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