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UK ~ Saltaire - UNESCO ~

... Nice view of Roberts Park from an original oil painting by a local artist David Starley...  his characteristic work features oil paint thickly applied with a knife to produce a three-dimensional, almost sculpted, image... view of a beautiful Victorian park on the side of the river Aire ideal for a walk or picnic...Thanks a lot dear Andrene for still sending me a postcard even though it wasn't such a pleasant visit!! (>‿♥)
Roberts Park is a 14 acres (5.7 ha) public urban park in Baildon, West Yorkshire.

Saltaire Village  is named after Sir Titus Salt who built a textile mill, known as Salts Mill and this village on the River Aire. Designed by architects, Lockwood and Mawson, Salts Mill was opened on Sir Titus Salt's 50th birthday, 20 September 1853. Salt moved his entire business from Bradford to this site partly to provide better arrangements for his workers and partly to site his large textile mill by a canal and a railway.

Salt's philanthropic project is usually seen as an example of paternalism. Salt built neat stone houses for his workers, wash-houses with running water, bath-houses, a hospital, as well as an Institute for recreation and education, with a library, a reading room, a concert hall, billiard room, science laboratory and gymnasium. The village also provided a school for the children of the workers, almshouses, allotments, a park and a boathouse.

In December 2001, Saltaire was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


 Acorn - Oak Tree
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