Monday, April 16, 2018

SRI LANKA ~ Thuparamaya dagoba - Anuradhapura ~

... Once more a sacred place of sri lankan Buddhism... a calm and quiet, respectful place of worship... located in the heart of Anuradhapura... the first stupa to be built in the country after the introduction of Buddhism to the island... Thanks a lot Ravindra!!(✿ ♥‿♥)

Built in the time of king Devanampiyatissa (250BC – 210BC) this was a stupa as well as an Aramic complex (monastery).

The stupa is built in the shape of a bell. Its dome is 3.5 meters tall from the ground and its diameters measures 50.1 meters. It has been destroyed many times, but always rebuilt by different Kings throughout history. At one point, the stupa was covered by silver and gold until the Pandyans from India robbed plundered it.


Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Issued 21-07-2016)

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