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JERSEY ~ Liberation Sculpture - St Helier Town ~

... Great historical monument on Liberation Square... a constant reminder of the end of WWII and a moving piece of art... the Liberation Sculpture was certainly the most important, and probably the most controversial work of public art put up in Jersey in the 20thC... the design changed radically in response to fierce public criticism, and as usual questions of cost played their part in the public debate.

When the design was first revealed public opinion was generally one of astonishment that a line of figures were shown releasing a number of doves of peace.The Committee explained that they had decided to change the brief to commemorate 50 years of peace, but islanders had been anticipating a sculpture to represent 50 years since the Liberation and many remarked that if any doves had been around at the end of the Occupation, they would probably have been caught and eaten by the hungry population, rather than released.

Many commented that there was no recognition of the military aspect of the Occupation and a subtle serviceman in battledress and boots was added to the group. The original design did not allow interaction, but the revised version allowed members of the public to walk through and join the figures. The artist, Philip Jackson, revealed that his original idea had been to have the figures waving a flag - much more in tune with the public's understanding of the experience of Liberation - but the Committee had decided to change the brief to one of "peace", and so a dove motif had been introduced. Much to the relief of all concerned the revised design incorporated a giant Union Flag. (theislandwiki)
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Liberation Square was developed in 1995 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the liberation of the Island in 1945 (after about 5 years of German occupation in WWII).

At the centre of Liberation Square is Philip Jackson’s bronze sculpture depicting  "a group of Islanders in two distinct groups holding the Union Flag, with a single figure – the liberator – subtly dressed in army fatigues at the centre of a fountain. Twelve water jets in the pool symbolize Jersey's 12 parishes. The square was opened by Prince Charles on the 9th May 1995.


 The 100th Anniversary of the RAF
 (Issued 31-03-2018)

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