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CROATIA ~ Sibenik - UNESCO ~

... Wonderful nightview of the oldest Croatian city on the Adriatic coast highlighting its majestic cathedral...  it has gorgeous views of the Adriatic Sea and the countless neighboring islands... still not crowded with tourists... the Cathedral of St. James is the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in the country.... and the only cathedral in Europe that has been built entirely from stone...  no wood, nails, or other bonding compounds were used.... for the "Game of Thrones" fans; episode nine features St James’ Cathedral portals as the Iron Bank of Braavos... and as extra bonus a great matching cathedral stamp👍... Thanks a lot Agi!! (✿ ♥‿♥) So nice to see you back into *postcards* and blogging➙PostcrossingPlanet!!
Just 55 miles north of Split is the city of Sibenik, situated where the River Krka meets the Adriatic. Since 1066, it has been under rule by Croatians, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians, Yugoslavians, and once again back to Croatians—which has resulted in a diversity of international influences.

Built between 1431 and 1535, St. Jacob’s Cathedral witnessed important exchanges in the area of monumental art between North Italy, Dalmatia and Tuscany in the 15th and 16th centuries. Three architects - Francesco di Giacomo, George of Dalmatia and Nicholas of Florence – developed a structure fully made of stone, by using a unique technique for the cathedral’s dome. The most remarkable feature of the exterior are the 71 life-sized sculpted heads of fishermen, peasants, soldiers, old men, teenagers and ordinary citizens--all sculpted with zest and realism.

The Cathedral of St James is a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.


Castles of Croatia
(Issued 18-07-2013)

The 950th Anniversary of the First Mention of the City of Å ibenik
(Issued 15-09-2016)

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