Thursday, February 15, 2018

SRI LANKA ~ South West Coast Beach ~

... Beautiful withe-sand palm tree lined tranquil beach ☀... with a few local fisherman boats... known as the gold coast for the colour of its sand... and the beautiful turquoise blue sea... paradise does indeed exist... just imagine having this all to yourself... here it is another grey☁ and rainy☂  winter day... with as always a great selection of lovely stamp... Big Thanks once more Ravindra!!【ツ】

This is the area stretching south of Colombo towards Galle and was one of the first areas to be developed with lots of famous resort towns and hotels.

You find here gorgeous beaches, colonial towns, stilt fishermen, fantastic wildlife parks and Buddhist shrines and temples.

Ⓒ Lasantha Lakmal
Photo: Jergen Schreiber


Endemic Birds
(Issued 16-12-2017)

National Meelad-Un-Nabi, Muslim
(Issued 23-12-2017)

Pigeon Island Marine National Park
(Issued 22-08-2014)

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