Tuesday, February 6, 2018

SPAIN ~ Bernat de So tower - Llivia - Catalonia ~

... Lovely view of one of the most beautiful towns in the Pyrenees...  full of picturesque charm... it is a special village located in Catalan area called La Cerdanya, but surrounded by French territory... separated from the rest of Catalonia by a corridor about 1.6km wide... la Cerdanya is known for being one of the valleys with the highest number of sunlight hours of all of Europe... with great matching Tower stamp... Thanks a lot dear Josep and Assumpta !!
Llivia is a Catalan enclave surrounded by the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales.  In 1659 the Treaty of the Pyrenees ceded various parts of Spain near the French border to France. However the treaty stated that only villages were to be transferred to France. Spain argued that, because Llivia was the ancient capital of Cerdanya, it was a city not a village. And so it was that the 12.84km² Catalan territory of Llivia, part of Cerdanya and the province of Girona, remained part of Spain.

The Bernat de So tower was built between 1584 and 1585, together with the church, which was no longer used by 1617, and it became the new town defences. Today it is used for temporary exhibitions.


Traditional Trades - Pottery
(Issued 1509-2017)

(Issued 09-11-1983)

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