Tuesday, February 27, 2018

POLAND ~ Narew National Park ~

... Beautiful Polish National Park view nr 10 in my collectionツ... in total there are 23 NP in the country... the most important value is its unique river system... a network of interconnected channels which flow throughout this area... nicknamed the "Polish Amazon"... also an important water reservoir and marsh birds find here a place to rest during their migrations..... the best way to explore its waters is by kayak or "pychówka", a traditional Polish boat.... or walking on footbridges... with nice special postmark... Thanks once more Krystyna!!【ツ】

Narew National Park is a National Park in eastern Poland, created in 1996. The total area of the Park is 73.5 km2, of which only 20.57 km2 is state-owned, the balance being privately held.

The park covers the Upper Narew Valley, a swampy area between the towns of Suraz and Rzedziany. Around 90% of Park’s area are either swamps or waters with the Narew as the main river, which splits in the area into many river beds, but also numerous smaller rivers.


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