Monday, January 22, 2018

SRI LANKA ~ Reclining Buddha Statue at Thanthirimale - Anuradhapura ~

... Two lovely postcards showing typical Sri Lankan heritage sites... an ancient rock temple set in a beautiful surrounding... view of the sleeping Buddha  which has been carved out of the rock... this temple is both religiously and historically significant and still attracts thousands of pilgrims during Poson festival... Thanks Ravindra!!❁◕ ‿ ◕❁
"The Reclining Budha carved on the northern slope of the Thanthirimale rock"

Thanthirimale is an old village which lies in thick jungle in the Anuradhapura District. It is known for the ancient Buddhist temple Thanthirimale Raja Maha Vihara, situated in a nearby rock covered and built in the tird century BC.

There are five ancient Buddha statues, four of which are incomplete on the temple premises. The largest of these is the sleeping Buddha (photograph above) which has been carved out of the rock.

The remains of an ancient library have been found on the premises. A number of rock huts and caves, which have most probably been used for meditation by monks for centuries, have also been discovered on the site.


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