Thursday, January 11, 2018

SAINT LUCIA ~ Fruit and Flowers ~

... Fantastic colorful tropical flowers and bananas coming from the West Indies...  once more a dream holiday destination... don't know where it has been all this time as it was sent at Glenn's stop nr2... but I'm so glad it still arrived... with great matching banana stamp👍...
Big Thanks dear Glenn!! (✿◠‿◠)  → Gem's World Postcards

St. Lucia in general is known for its tropical vegetation. Orchids and exotic plants grow wild in the rainforests, with roadsides covered with many tropical flowers.

Banana is St. Lucia’s main export crop and were introduced on the island in the 1950's.  Three main kinds of bananas are cultivated commercially: the valery, the robusta, and the giant Cavendish.

The islands local bananas are known as figs and, as the St. Lucians say, they are in every pot,on every plate and behind every bar. A great variety of culinary specialties can be made with ripe bananas, green bananas, and plantains (cooking bananas)--all mainstays of the island's diet.

Photo: Cecil N.A. Clarke


Flowering Fruits
(Issued 05-12-2005)

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