Monday, January 15, 2018

BULGARIA ~ Wild Orchids ~

... Beautiful orchids postcard... according to experts, the wild orchid is one of the oldest blooming plant specie... these orchids are referred to as the "bee orchids" due to the flowers resemblance to the furry bodies of bees and other insects... most of the Bulgarian National Parks are full of magnificent wildflower meadows... Thanks Samantha!!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
From backside postcard:
"The Bulgarian orchids are mysterious flowers growing in the humid continental climate where nobody will expect to see them. The  Bulgarian name for these flowers is "Salep". You can find around 80 different types of orchids spread all over the country. Most of the time they are left unseen due to their small size. Some of them are endangered and that is why they are protected by law. Overall, the characteristic they share is extraordinary beauty granting a fascinating charm to our nature."

Ophrys reinholdii Spruner Ex Fleishm can be found from Croatia in southeastern Europe to northwestern Iran in western Asia, including Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.


Folk Art

Flora - Mushrooms
(Issued 10-02-2014)

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