Thursday, December 28, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Moonstone - Anuradhapura - UNESCO ~

... A great and rare relic of the past... this is one of the most wonderful and characteristic moonstones in Sri Lanka, and an excellent example of its kind... Buddhist places of worship came to have a beautiful first step, a symbolic welcome to all who would enter...  a must see item of ancient history...  Thanks a lot Ravindra!!【ツ】
"Moonstone - Half rings depict flames, animals, creeper,goose, shroll and centre of a lotus."

Moonstone also known as Sandakada pahana, is a unique feature of the Sinhalese architecture of ancient Sri Lanka. It is an elaborately carved semi-circular stone slab, usually placed at the bottom of staircases and entrances.

First seen in the latter stage of the Anuradhapura period, the sandakada pahana evolved through the Polonnaruwa, Gampola and Kandy period. According to historians, the sandakada pahana symbolises the cycle of Saṃsāra in Buddhism.


 United Nations Day of Vesak
(Issued 12-05-2017)

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