Friday, December 8, 2017

BAHAMAS ~ Welcome to the Bahamas ~

... One more wonderful surprise coming from a tropical paradise... in The Bahamas, visitors are welcomed with open arms and the big Bahamian warm smile... overall life is laid back... there is no hurry in life... must not be so difficult living in a place like this... the colors are so vibrant☼☼☼... the Islands’ people have been receiving guests for over a half a century and relish their role as tourism ambassadors... Thanks so much Glenn for brighten up a cold, dark and gloomy autumn day here!!【ツ】➞  Gem's World Postcards
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The islands of the Bahamas are comprised of nearly 700 islands, most uninhabited and over 2.4000 rocks and cays, scattered over 100.000 square miles of ocean.

The majority of Bahamians live on New Providence Island, home of the capital city, Nassau. Most people are of West African descent whose ancestors were enslaved and brought here to work on cotton plantations (about 85% ). About 12% of the total is white, largely of British origin, and 3% are Asian and Hispanic.

When Britain abolished slavery in 1834, life on the islands changed dramatically. Plantation life ended and locals tried their hand at sponging, fishing or farming. The lack of fertile cropland led our people to become a nation of seafarers.


The 100th Anniversary of Royal Bank of Canada in the Bahamas
(Issued 22-09-2008)

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