Wednesday, November 8, 2017

POLAND ~ European Robin - Słowiński National Park - UNESCO ~

... Wonderful postcard nr2 showing this Polish National Park... also a well-known and much-loved garden companion ( in my garden too♥)... but I think most of us have a soft spot for them... they are such lovely little birds, so beautiful designed... Thanks a lot Magda!!ヽ(ヅ)ノ
Photo: Grzegorz Jędro

Slowinski National Park (18247 ha) was established to protect a unique habitat of moving dunes, coastal lakes and natural forests.  255 bird species have been recorded, over 140 of which nest there.

Features of the robin include its distinctive red breast and face, grey under parts, brown head, wings and tail. Their flight is distinguishable by rapid wing beats for short, fast flight.

Most robins are sedentary, defending their territories year-round, with many females also establishing their own winter territories. However, a handful head south to winter on the Continent, joining other robins passing through in the autumn on their way from Scandinavia and northern continental Europe.

Slowinski National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reservation.


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