Tuesday, October 17, 2017

SOUTH AFRICA ~ Mountain Zebra National Park ~

... A fantastic National Park postcard of one of the smaller parks in South Africa... the scenery is beautiful and the setting tranquil... the park has a great history... today the park is home to a large breeding herd of the Cape mountain zebra... not long ago this species was endangered... local farmers in the area donated mature individuals from their land to form the first population in the national park, which numbered only six individuals.... now the park has over 700 animals and is able to restock other areas from their large population... it feels so good to post about a conservation success story...ヅ Thanks a lot Retha!!【ツ】
This 28 000ha National Park is situated in the Eastern Cape and it was first proclaimed in 1937 to save the cape mountains zebra from extinction.

Mountain Zebra National Park is home to herds of zebras, Black rhinos, buffalo's, springbok, blesbok, Black wildebeest, eland, Red hartebeest and gemsbok. Cheetah's were introduced in 2007 and lions in 2013.

The park is named after the the Cape mountain zebra. These zebra differ from the plains or Burchell’s zebra, by having narrower stripes, absence of shadow stripes and orange facial coloration.

The park is also a habitat for approximately 270 birds species.


(Issued 27-10-2010)

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