Thursday, September 14, 2017

EL SALVADOR ~ Lake Coatepeque - Santa Ana ~

... A scenic mountain lake view with amazing deep blue water...  surrounded by high hills and the Santa Ana volcano... a beautiful, natural, breathtaking place... this lake is a must-see on a trip to Central America... one of the gems in El Salvador... Thanks a lot William Guillermo!!【ツ】
Lake Coatepeque is found in a caldera among a chain of volcanic peaks in northwest El Salvador.

Lake Coatepeque is a natural freshwater crater lake.  It is in Coatepeque municipality Santa Ana and was formed after a series of eruptions 72000 and 54000 years ago. Parts of Santa Ana Volcano and several other overlapping stratovolcanoes to the east of Santa Ana collapsed after the eruptions, to form the Lago de Coatepeque caldera.

There are hot springs near the lake margins. At 26 square kilometres (10 sq mi), it is one of the largest lakes in El Salvador. In the lake is the island of Teopan, which was a Mayan site of some importance.

150th Anniversary of the First Postal Stamps in El Salvador
(Issued 26-05-2017)

Military Heroes
(Issued 08-05-2017)


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