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RUSSIA ~ Lake Kenozero - Kenozersky National Park - UNESCO ~

... A beautiful flowering geranium field and new Russian National Park... it's one of the last areas of traditional Russian way of life, culture... with traditional villages and wooden churches.....known for the beautiful and untouched nature....great place for nature lovers, offering boating, hiking and other exciting activities... a magical place in the Russian North... with nice postcrossing stamp...Thanks a lot Oleg!!¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Photo:Ⓒ Daniel Korzhonov

Kenozersky National Park is a natural and historical-cultural complex is located in the southwest of Arkhangelsk region and was established in 1991. The center of Kenozersky National Park’s northern part is Lake Kenozero which is the biggest lake in the region and gives its name to the park. The park covers an area of 1396 sq km.

The Park has got preserved natural complexes and objects, material and sacred monuments. It contains more than 100 architectural monuments as this territory is considered to be among the first areas which were inhabitied by the Novgorod people. Besides different villages, which appeared on the waterways, there were 3 orthodox monateries on the territory of the park. Today there are 11 churches and bell-towers in differents parts of the Park.

Most of the area is covered by mixed forests which formed thousand of years. They cover about 106 thousand hectares. More than 50 species of mammals inhabit the territory of the park and 263 bird species can be observed.

In 2004, the park received the status of a biosphere reserve and was included in the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves.

Definitive Issue. Kremlins

(Issued 25-03-2016)

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