Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ISRAEL ~ Caesarea National Park ~

... My first two National Parks of Israel... the Caesarea National Park is one of the countries most popular and most beautiful historical sites.... a magnificent national park with amazing ancient harbor ruins, hippodrome, amphitheater, palaces and beautiful beaches... this was Herod at his best; building a port that was the largest in the world in his day... Thanks Dany!!【ツ】
The aqueduct - The Stadium - Excavations
Roman Theatre - Ancient Statue

Caesarea Maritima ("by the Sea") is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the center of Israel, in the middle between Haifa and Tel-Aviv. The site was an important Roman city, and played an important role in the history of Ancient Israel. The city later decayed after the Arab conquest (8th Century AD).

Built by Herod the Great in around 25-32 BC, it was a great commercial centre during the Byzantine Period.

This National Park features centuries of history showing the many different periods of Hellenistic, Phoenician, Hasmonean and Roman rule. The city was continually razed and rebuilt as each new sovereign leader came to power.

2X Flora - Flowers
(Issued 05-02-2013)

The 50th Anniversary of the Six-Day War
(Issued 04-05-2017)


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