Friday, July 7, 2017

NORWAY ~ Kjeragbolten - Lysefjorden ~

... A masterpiece of nature... there are more than a thousand fjords in Norway...  Kjeragbolten is one of the most popular hikes and attracts many visitors... it is a popular spot for BASE jumping and for taking photos on top of this giant rock squeezed between the huge cracks of the mountain... it is supposed to bring good luck to climb out on the boulder without help of any mountaineering equipment or security net... as myself being afraid of heights I would definitely take a pass even if it meant giving up a little good luck ʘ͜͡ʘ... just looking at this picture makes my knees go all wiggly and weak... would any of my blog readers dare to do the same as the person on this card?????
Thanks a lot Tone!!ヽ(ヅ)ノ

Kjeragbolten is a massive 5 m³ boulder glacial deposit wedged between two cliffs located on the mountain Kjerag  in Rogaland county high above Lysefjord. It is suspended above a 984-metre (3,228 ft) deep abyss.

Lysefjord is a fjord located in Ryfylke in south-western Norway. The name means light fjord, and is said to be derived from the lightly coloured granite rocks along its sides.

The fjord was carved by the action of glaciers in the ice ages and was flooded by the sea when the later glaciers retreated. In total, it measures 42 km (23 miles) with rocky walls falling nearly vertically over 1000 m (3,000 ft) into the water.


The 150th Anniversary of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
(Issued 10-06-2016)

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