Monday, June 26, 2017

UK ~ Hadrian's Wall - Northumberland National Park - UNESCO ~

.... Beautiful view of Britain’s most impressive and most important Roman monument... the largest Ancient Monument in northern Europe... Hadrian's Wall Path is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular long distance walks attracting walkers from all over the world... with great  matching "Ancient Britain" stamp... Thanks a million dear Andrene!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... I hope there are still many more amazing places like this on your "bucket" list...(◕‿-)

Hadrian's Wall (also called the Roman Wall) construction was ordered in AD 122 by Emperor Hadrian, for whom it is named.

The Wall stretches over 73 miles (117 km) from coast to coast in what is now Northern England, reaching 6m high in some places. It took around 15,000 men about 6 years to build and was protected by the Roman soldiers living in forts alongside it. According to his later biographer, he built the wall to separate the civilized world of the Romans from the barbarians living beyond it.

The Wall that you see today is only a small fraction – estimated at around 10% – of the original. Over the course of the intervening centuries stone has been removed, buried or destroyed.

A World Heritage Site since 1987, together with the Antonine Wall and the Upper German Raetian Limes, it forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire.’


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