Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Åland Islands ~ Region of Mariehamn ~

... Beautiful aerial scenery with endless areas of untouched nature... these (almost flat) islands also feature medieval castles and churches... museums, parks and old fishing villages... one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for Swedes and Finns...  with a selection of fabulousッ stamps and special postmark about the Postcrossing Meet-up on the Islands... Thanks a million Nina!! 乂❤‿❤乂

The Åland Islands are an archipelago and consists of 6,757 islands situated midway between Sweden and Finland. Although the people of Åland speak Swedish, this autonomous territory is part of Finland.

Aland is the largest island, most of them are just small uninhabited rocks. They have their own unique culture, Swedish dialects, flag, and stamps.

This island is the smallest of the three Nordic autonomous territories with a population of 28,000. One third of the population lives in the capital, Mariehamn.

The 100th Anniversary of the Sailing Ship "Pommern"
(Issued 06-06-2003)

(Issued 03-01-2000)

Sailing Ships
(Issued 02-02-2016)

Mushrooms 2. January
(Issued 02-01-2003)

(Issued 07-06-2011)

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