Saturday, June 17, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Sir Frederick North's Bungalow - Arippu - Mannar Island ~

... Nice postcard nr10 issued by Sri Lankan post showing unseen places of natural beauty... part of the island's heritage... with the amazing history about the colonial rulers, harvesting and clearing all the pearls in the sea, using local and Indian slave labour... but time showed the ravages of nature on this building... sea breeze, corroded by the wind, washed by the rains and lack of maintenance were the key reasons for this... with great matching stamp... Thanks a lot dear Ravindra!!  \_(♥‿♥)_/

Used by Sri Lanka's first British Governor, Sir Frederick North (1798-1805).

It was built at the beginning of the 19thC  (between 1801-1804) to revive and supervise the pearl fisheries. Other than being used as the residence for the governor, it was later used by "other governors, government agents, and other officials, including superintendents of pearl fishery."

Doric was so named, due to the architectural design of the columns which was similar to the Ancient Greek Doric order style.

Reverend James Cordiner, then Chaplain to the British Military, writes in his Description of Ceylon that at the time, Doric was "undoubtedly the most beautiful building on the island and almost the only one which is planned according to architecture."


Sir Frederick North's Bungalow
(Issued 02-12-2016)

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