Friday, June 30, 2017

IRAN ~ Shahzadeh Garden - Mahan - UNESCO ~

... Last amazing card from Iranシ... a beautiful garden in the heart of the desert... this garden is one of the most beautiful and memorable Persian gardens... it consist of two wonderful historical buildings... lots of pools and fountains... many tall trees and beautiful flowers.... a sanctuary of green, surrounded by a desert landscape...

Dear Gian Luca and Raffaella it was a great pleasure to be a little part of your amazing journey✈...  and thanks so much for helping to enlarge my postcard collection with great and unique items... Love them all ♥♥... I've seen through your postcards a totally different side of Iran... the beauty of it... a place home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations that hosts nineteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites... mostly what we see and hear in the media about this country is ❝negative❞ news...

Shazdeh Garden meaning Prince’s Garden is a historical Persian garden located in Kerman province.

The garden is 5.5 hectares with a rectangular shape and a wall around it. It consists of an entrance structure and gate at the lower end and a two-floor residential structure at the upper end. The distance between these two is ornamented with water fountains that are engined by the natural incline of the land.

The garden was built originally for Mohammad Hasan Khan Qajar Sardari Iravani ca. 1850 on this site, and was entirely remodeled and extended ca. 1870 by Abdolhamid Mirza Naserodolleh during the eleven years of his governorship in the Qajar dynasty. The current visible structure dates almost entirely to this second period. The construction was left unfinished, due to the death of Abdolhamid Mirza in the early 1890s.

Iran’s Persian Garden is one of the sites inscribed on UNESCO’s List in 2011. The property includes nine gardens selected from as many various regions of Iran.


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