Sunday, May 21, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Galle Lighthouse - UNESCO ~

... Beautiful evening view of Galle lighthouse surrounded by palm trees overlooking the Indian Ocean.... it is one of the 14 remaining light houses of Sri Lanka... and considered to be the oldest one on the island... it is a well known tourist attraction and the most often visited lighthouse... Thanks a lot Ravindra!!(✿ ♥‿♥) ➜ Ravindra's Lighthouse Blog

Galle Lighthouse is an offshore lighthouse and is operated and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. The lighthouse was built during the British rule of Sri Lanka in 1848. But the original 80 ft. tall lighthouse which was built about 100m away from where the current lighthouse is situated was destroyed by fire in 1934, then they built the lighthouse you can see now standing about 87 ft. tall built in 1939.

As being located in the Galle Fort, and surrounded by historic buildings, the Galle lighthouse is part of the World Heritage Site. It became a UNESCO WHS in 1988.


The 160th Anniversary of First Postage stamp of Sri Lanka - Ceylon
(Issued 01-04-2017)

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