Tuesday, May 9, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Clock Tower - Colombo ~

... Lovely view from the past... pictured the Fort Lighthouse Clock Tower Colombo around 1910... the old Ceylon history... this is one of the landmarks and stands tall in the centre of the new constructions... now designated as a monument and a popular meeting point... it is the only lighthouse in the world which also tells the time in the middle of the busy road... with also great "old Ceylon" stamps... Big Thanks Ravindra!!【ツ】

Colombo fort clock tower (Colombo Old Lighthouse) is located in the city center. Construction of this tower was completed in 1857. The lanterns were installed and commissioned as a lighthouse in 1865. According to the historical records, the first clock of this tower was made by the same people who manufactured the famous Beg Ben.

With the construction of the taller buildings in the neighborhood, the light obscured. Therefore it was no longer be able to serve its purpose, so the lighthouse was completely switched off in 1952. The new Colombo light house was established at Galbokka Point.


The 160th Anniversary of First Postage stamp of Sri Lanka - Ceylon
(Issued 01-04-2017)

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