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Spain ~ Portal of the Santa Maria monastery - Ripoll - UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List ~

... Beautiful view of the main gate from the monastery...  wonderful piece of history... because of its originality, quality and size, the portal is recognized as one of the most important pieces of European Romanesque sculpture... also known as "the Bible of stone"... because it depicts passages of the Bible's Old Testament... with great matching stampッ...Thanks a lot Joseph and Assumpta!! (✿ ♥‿♥)➜Letters and postcards from around

Ripoll  is the capital of the comarca of Ripollès, in the province of Girona, Catalonia. It is located on confluence of the Ter River and its tributary Freser, next to the Pyrenees near the French border.

The Benedictine monastery Santa Maria de Ripoll, the Cradle of Catalonia was built in the Romanesque style and founded by the Count Wilfred “The Hairy” in the 9th century.

The  triumphal-arch-shaped Romanesque portal dating from the 12th C is divided into seven horizontal strips, in which Biblical, historical and allegoric scenes are depicted.

Each one of the scenes in the portal of Ripoll is full of symbolism and meaning.

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(Issued 26-10-2016)

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