Wednesday, May 10, 2017

SINGAPORE ~ Haw Par Villa ~

... Vintage bit "odd" looking postcard... are you looking for something different in a tourist attraction... then this park is definitely one of the strangest places to visit... huge statues in an enormous park depicting Chinese legends, mythology and folklore all brightly coloured... all of the scenes illustrate states of being, or have a moral to their story... Thanks a lot Jobbo!!【ツ】(I knew it came from you even before I saw your name (>‿♥) )

From backside postcard:
Picture shows the spider spirits in the form of beautiful women, they kidnapped the monks and forced him to make love with them.

Haw Par Villa  is a theme park located on a hill in Pasir Panjang and was built in 1937.
It was originally known as “Tiger Balm Gardens”, as it was founded by the Burma-Chinese  born brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boom Par, who first started selling Tiger Balm.

In 1985, the Singapore Tourism Board acquired the land and gave the park a face lift.


Kent Ridge Park Trail
(Issued 22-09-2010)

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