Tuesday, May 16, 2017

CUBA ~ Calle Oficios - Havana ~

... Two wonderful postcards from traveling friend Sini... the people of this island trace their ancestry to African and Spanish roots... they are fond of festivals, music and especially dancing... with the recipe of "the Cubanito Cocktail" on the backside... the perfect drink for hot summer afternoonsヅ...Thanks a lot Sini!!\_(♥‿♥)_/

Cobbled Calle Oficios leads east from Plaza de Armas to Plaza de San Francisco and is lined with mostly 18th-century buildings, most of which have been restored and today house various museums, restaurants, and other attractions.

A Cubanito is a Cuban version of a Bloody Mary:


Flora - Flowers
(Issued 26-05-2016)

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