Wednesday, April 26, 2017

USA ~ Congaree National Park ~

... Great US National Park nr 14シ...  it's South Carolina’s only national park and probably one of the least visited ones... Congaree National Park has one of the rarest environments in the US... spectacular scenery...  you can hiking the boardwalk trail and kayaking the Cedar Creek Trail... and with a postmark from the Park itself what makes it even more special... Big Thanks Andrene for once more a fantastic new NP!! (✿ ♥‿♥)
Photo: QT Luong/

From backside postcard:
Congaree National Park protects an ancient fores of champion-size trees, primeval floodplain landscapes, and an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. The park includes the largest remnant of old-growth floodplain forest in southeastern US and one of the tallest temperate deciduous forests in the world. It is also designated as an International Biosphere Reserve, Wilderness Area, National Natural Landmark and Globally important Bird Area.

Formerly known as Congaree Swamp National Monument, Congaree ( 27.000 acres) became a national park in 2003.


"The Moon" Global Forever stamp
(Issued 22-02-2016)

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