Friday, April 7, 2017

THAILAND ~ Surin Elephant Village ~

... Tranquil and peaceful view of the gentle jungle of the most magnificent creatures on this earth... Friends of the Asian Elephant  helps to rehabilitate and care for elephants that were once used in entertainment venues and for elephant rides throughout Thailand, often relocating them to Surin province where they can live in more natural surroundings...   if you love elephants ♥... Don't Ever Ride Them!!
Thanks a lot Jobbo and done (>‿◠)✌!!
Photo: Ⓒ Roengrit Kongmuang

Located in the far northwestern corner of Surin province, the tiny village of Baan Ta Klang was historically home to a small ethnic group known as the Kui, who were employed by Ayutthaya kings thanks to their skills at capturing and taming wild elephants.

In 2006, a project was launched in Surin to encourage mahouts roaming around Thailand to bring their elephants back home to Surin where they would be given assistance at the Study Center. It is claimed that already they are the biggest elephant village in the world.


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