Thursday, April 20, 2017

CANADA ~Nunavut - Igaluit -Toonik Tyme Festival ~

... Great winter scenes postcard stamped at Canada's Most Northern Post Office "Eureka"...  postal services have existed at the base since it was established in 1947... it consists of an airport, a weather station and research laboratory and is permanently staffed on a rotating basis by scientists and military personnel... Eureka is the second northern most research station in the world and the coldest settlement in Canada... Nunavut is one of the largest unspoiled natural paradises on earth.... Thanks a lot Trupti!!【ツ】

From backside postcard:
"Held in late April every year, Toonik Tyme is Iqaluit's festival which celebrates the end of the long Arctic winter. The numerous events reflect both the traditional and modern Arctic., including dog team races, igloo building contests and golf on the sea."

Nunavut is the largest and newest territory of Canada predominantly inhabited by Inuit. Nunavut compresses a major portion of Northern Canada and most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, making it the fifth-largest country subdivision in the world with capital Iqualuit.

The people of the Canadian Arctic are known as the Inuit. They used to be called Eskimos, which came from a Native American word for 'eater of raw meat'. Now the Arctic people are officially known as the Inuit, which means 'the people', or singularly, Inuk, which means 'the person'.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada
(Issued 11-01-2016)

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