Wednesday, March 8, 2017

RUSSIA ~ Republic of Tyva ~

...Nice postcard from a special place located in the heart of Asia... a largely unknown republic of the Russian Federation and almost isolated from the world...  with unique culture and identity... the mountains are breathtaking... there are 100 plus minerals springs... famous for its Tuvan throat singing.... Thanks a lot Eugene!!ヽ(ヅ)ノ

Tyva Republic (also called Tuva) is situated in the center of Asia in southern Siberia, part of Siberian Federal District. The republic borders the Altai Republic, the Republic of Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Irkutsk Oblast, and the Republic of Buryatia in Russia and Mongolia to the south. It is the homeland of the Tuva people.

The city of Kyzyl is the capital of the Tuva Republic in the extreme east of Siberia, Russia. Kyzyl lays claim to being located precisely in the geographical center of Asia - a claim that has proven to be somewhat controversial.


 Definitive Issue. Kremlins
(Issued 01-10-2009)

The 850th Anniversary of the City of Velikiye Luki
(Issued 14-07-2016)


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