Wednesday, February 22, 2017

GERMANY ~ Town Musicians of Bremen ~

... Great postcard showing the town’s symbol and most photographed figure of Bremen... a small  statue of the donkey, cat, dog and rooster appearing in a folktale of the Brothers Grimm... I've read this fairy tale when I was a child... with lovely matching stamp and the sweetest ♥ special First Day postmark showing also" Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten"... Thanks a lot Dustin!!  (✿◠‿◠)

To the west of the town hall on the Marktplatz stands the most famous representation of the Bremen Town Musicians, the bronze sculpture created in 1951 by the artist Gerhard Marcks.

The story is about four animals (Esel, Hund, Katze und Huhn) who are all growing old and are no longer wanted by their masters. They decide to travel together to the German town of Bremen to become a band. On the way they find a house filled with a lovely feast. There are also burglars there. The animals make a plan and drive the burglars away and end up living together happily in this home. They never make it to Bremen!

Photo: I. Wandmacher


Charity Stamps - Town Musicians of Bremen
(Issued 09-02-2017)

Definitive Issue - Flowers
(Isssued 07-07-2005)

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