Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GERMANY ~ Bremerhaven ~

...Fantastic seaport view nr2... Bremerhaven is surrounded by the sea... with breathtaking architecture,... it has one of the most  innovative museums... a modern, lozenge-shape metal building  the Klimahaus (Climate House), which opened in June 2009... Thanks so much Dustin!! (✿◠‿◠)

Bremerhaven  is a city at the seaport of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, a state of the Federal Republic of Germany. It forms an enclave in the state of Lower Saxony and is located at the mouth of the River Weser on its eastern bank,. Though a relatively new city, it has a long history as a trade port and today is one of the most important German ports, playing a crucial role in Germany's trade.

In a small area, called Havenwelten which means Harbor Worlds you'll find Klimahaus, the German Emigration Center, the German Maritime Museum, and the Zoo at the Sea. Harbor Worlds is now,  "the largest tourism complex in Northern Germany."


Definitive Issue - Flowers 2
(Issued 02-01-2006)

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