Friday, December 23, 2016

SRI LANKA ~ Mokara Bota Gold Orchid ~

... So beautiful flower✿ postcard...Orchids are one of my favorite "indoor" flowers...the number of species in the Orchid family is almost four times that of mammal species on Earth and twice the amount of bird species... with lovely flower stamp... once more a great Christmas ✨present✨from a dear postcard friend♥...Thanks a lot Ravindra!!

Sri Lanka with its unique tropical and cooler climates has over 185 identified species of orchids ranging over 78 genera. 74 species are endemic to Sri Lanka and many species found in the country are quite rare.

The diversity of orchids in Sri Lanka is one of the reasons that the island is named one of the top 25 bio diversity hotspots globally, while being the most species diverse in Asia when considering unit land area.

All Sri Lankan Orchids fall under the protection of the Fauna & Flora Protection Ordinance.


Dr A.N.S. Kulasinghe
(Issued 26-10-2016)

Definitive stamp Flowers of Sri Lanka
(Issued 07-10-2016)

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