Tuesday, November 22, 2016

UAE ~ The Jumeirah Mosque - Dubai ~

...Beautiful mosque view... Dubai's main place of worship... a much-photographed landmark, especially when lit up against an evening sky... over the past two decades, the Jumeirah Mosque has become renowned as the focal point of  the “Open doors-Open minds.” programme as it is the only mosque in Dubai which is open to the public and dedicated to receiving non-Muslim guests... Thanks a lot Ritz!! 【ツ】

Jumeirah mosque as shows from the name is situated in the Jumeirah District on the beach side area of Dubai.

 This mosque is built in the medieval Fatimid traditional style in 1978. It is a beautiful white stone structure with towering twin minarets framing a large central dome. This mosque is a tribute to the present day Islamic architecture.

Though it has been built in the medieval Fatimid tradition, modern building materials are used to build this Jumeirah Mosque.

 Its seashell-like finish and colouring fit perfectly with the mosque’s position opposite the white sands of Jumeirah Beach.


Falcon - Year "2011"
(Issued 29-12-2011)

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