Monday, November 28, 2016

POLAND ~ Bieszczady National Park ~

...Great views of a new National Park... it’s one of Europe’s most remote and wild areas and is home to all manner of wildlife... the area is fondly known as the "Polish Wild East"... it is visited by around 400.000 tourists a year... Thanks a lot Paulina!!【ツ】

Bieszczady National Park was established on August 4th, 1973 and covers an area of nearly 30.000 ha and third largest national park in Poland.  It's is located in the southeastern tip of the country bordering Slovakia and Ukraine, 80% of the park is covered with forests. The highest peak, Mount Tarnica, rises to an altitude of around 1,253m above sea level.

The fauna of Bieszczady includes some 200 rare species. Their number includes the European bison, which was introduced in 1963 in Forestry Stuposiany, as well as brown bear, lynx, wildcat, wolf, deer and wild boar. Birds are represented by over 100 species, including the Ural owl, Alpine hedge-sparrow, pipit, and golden eagle. Numerous reptiles, including viper, may be encountered on the trails.


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(Issued 08-03-2013)

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