Thursday, November 3, 2016

Papua New Guinea ~ Sol Nomane - Simu Province ~

...My first fantastic postcard from this totally unknown country to me シ... great view of local women... one of the least explored countries in the world due to its dense rainforest, and there are many undiscovered species...  this stunning tropical wonderland is home to the largest area of intact rainforest outside of the Amazon... Thanks a million Hannah, Athaliah James from JamSal Postcards & Photography for hosting a lottery on Facebook!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"Women in Sol Nomane, Simbu Province with harvest from their gardens for the day"

New Guinea is the world's second-largest island in the South West Pacific Ocean. Papua New Guinea (PNG) occupies the eastern part the island, it is an archipelago made of more than 600 other islands, atolls and coral reefs and 800 indigenous languages.
PNG is part of a great arc of mountains stretching from Asia, through Indonesia and into the South Pacific with capital  Port Moresby.

In the heart of the Papua New Guinea highlands lies Simbu (also known as Chimbu) a name which was given to the province by Australian explorers who first discovered the new land in the early 1930’s. Simbu is the second most populated province in Papua New Guinea.


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