Friday, November 4, 2016

GERMANY ~ Hanseatic City of Lübeck - UNESCO ~

...Beautiful new UNESCO island of red-brick Gothic buildings and green spires ...called the Venice of the Baltic...Lübeck, The Queen of the Hanseatic League was one of the richest and most powerful medieval cities in Europe...with two great stamps and special World Post Day postmark...Thanks a lot Dustin for this wonderful surprise!!  ( I wonder why it took so long to arrive as it was stamped on October 7) ???【ツ】➜
"View of the St. Mary's church and marketplace from a 50m high lookout platform on the St. Peter's church"

Lübeck  founded in 1143 is a city in northern Germany close to the Baltic Sea and one of the major ports of the country. Surrounded by water on all sides, the old town has a historic centre dominated by seven church steeples.

St. Mary’s, built between 1277 and 1351, is the third largest church in Germany and a grand example of Gothic brickwork. St. Mary’s was nearly burned down during the bomb raid on Lübeck in March 1942. In 1968, St. Mary’s got the world’s largest organ with 10,000 organ pipes.

Lübeck is also famous for its marzipan. This sweet almond treat is produced by several companies, some of which are over 200 years old.

Since 1987 is the Hanseatic City of Lübeck on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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 (issued 12-04-2007)

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  1. I am happy that you finally got it. :)

    The special postmark is not available where I live, so I have to send cards and covers to the Postmarking Centres in Berlin, Bonn and Weiden. But Bonn was just closed so all the work of Bonn is now done in Weiden, so they are much slower than usual. :/

    1. Thanks for explaining Dustin and for all the effort you made to get me this great unique postmark!! ㋡